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Compression Stockings


VenaSmart compression stockings are affordable, durable and comfortable to wear.


VenaSmart stockings are made in the USA from materials sourced in the USA.


VenaSmart compression stockings come in different strengths.


20-30 mm Hg knee high compression stockings are $28 a pair.


20-30 mm Hg Thugh High compression stockings are $48 a pair. 


You can get your amkle, calf and thigh measurements and submit your order online at www.VenaSmart.com or come in to the Vein Treatment Center for measurements and fitting.


VenaSmart.com will soon offer Flight Stockings and Sports Stockings. 


For more information go to www.VenaSmart.com 


To look at the size tables for knee high and thigh high stockings, click here https://www.venasmart.com/compression-therapy/size-charts/




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