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Ematrix is a first-line treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.  Using a patented and FDA approved fractional bipolar RF treatment, Ematrix can dramatically improve skin collagen and reduce visible acne scars and fine wrinkles on the face and body. Innovative treatments with Ematrix include wrinkle reduction, stretch mark treatment, and acne scar reduction. The types of acne scars that are amenable to Ematrix include valley scars, ice pick scars, box car scars, depressed acne scars, and rolling scars. 

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Q: Does Ematrix sublative RF treatment work for acne scars? 

A: Ematrix provides patients with an excellent method of acne scar treatment without the major downtime associated with Fraxel laser or fractional co2. Ematrix uses RF energy to tighten skin and eliminate atrophic acne scars. The Syneron Ematrix system uses sublative energy to improve the skin. 

Q: Will microdermabrasion improve acne scars on the face?

A: Microdermabrasion will help reduce active acne pimples and inflammatory acne cysts that are clogged, but will likely not improve acne scars that penetrate the dermis.    Microdermabrasion should be used in conjunction with deeper treatments for acne scars such as laser, dermabrasion, subcision, and acne surgery.


Q: Can you get rid of keloid scars caused by acne on my chest?  

A: Acne scars  can cause keloids on the chest, back, shoulders, and jawline. If you have acne-related keloids, you may have noticed that these keloids are often painful, uncomfortable, itchy, and often-times intolerable.  Treatments involve surgery, topical application of Plato's Scar Serum, pressure treatment, laser treatment, and injections. 

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